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Divine Warrior of Light  

We each have within us a power.  A scared, creative, feminine force that wants to flow free. 

It is a life force, a true power rising from the inner feminine energy.

You no doubt noticed we are experiencing chaotic yet potent times of change.  The world is being shaken up - the energy is increasing, and we women are being called to meet and greet this frequency in our authentic feminine power.  


May we together step into our Divine Light.


We are being called to face all those parts of ourselves and our lives that no longer serve us.   The survival methods we have used in the past are outdated as we step into our power.  As we are called to transform, we must become clear on our path becoming aligned in our truth.

Divine Life is a 3-month program with 90-minute in-person private sessions infused with Buddhism psychology guidance and reiki energy healing to balance the body, mind and soul, understanding your archetypes and un-earthing your soul's purpose. This program is married with weekly readings, practices and journal exercises to increase your frequency as you embody your Divine Being.

This program is designed to lead women to live in harmony with all that was, all that is and all that will be.


Come into self-love, appreciation and acceptance through understanding the three elements we experience life from; human, soul and spirit. When all three elements are aligned with our authentic truth, we are free to explore life with joy, peace and gratitude.


Create life from our right path, no longer allowing the external world to dictate who we should be. 

Program Investment $1555

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