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Doula Services

The beginning of life and the end are similar; the intensity, the mystery, and the unknowns. Renee's role as a Doula is to help people design their final time on this earth as they wish, assisting with death anxiety, and supporting the dying with acceptance of their life lived and life-ending through compassionate listening, mindful guidance and gentle touch.  


Renee's intention is to support the person dying in embracing their transition with compassion, understanding, and grace.  Her center of attention is to have each person die with dignity and loving care.  As she comes into this space, she offers support and guidance to loved ones moving through loss and grief while exhausted and confused as they care for their loved ones.

Dying is the last thing one will do; it is the ultimate surrender as one relinquishes a sense of control and softens to the moment and to know we have the opportunity to go through this with warmth, love and comfort.  

Death is a life event which should be held in the hands of love.

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Death Doula Services 

There are unique needs and supports each person and their loved ones require when a palliative diagnosis is given, or when death is approaching from age.  Based on personal beliefs, values, wishes and requirements, Renee offers individualized services and packages created together. 

Renee shows up with a deep connection to each client and their loved ones.  Being open to listening to your concerns, frustrations and fears about what this transition means and how to navigate medical systems with the logistics of planning and ensure all additional services are organized. 

As a certified Death Doula, Renee is approved by the End of Life Association of Canada


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