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Are you ready to discover your capacity to heal yourself and others? 

Allow me to guide you with the deep connection to Reiki - Universal Life Energy.

Reiki is a healing practice where it begins to activate the healing properties within the body to help with their physical and emotional well-being. This alternative medicine was created in 1922 by the Japanese Buddist Mikao Usui. This is a beautiful practice to receive as well as offer.

Reiki provides a balance of physical and mental health and frees oneself from pain and suffering to bring harmony to the self and with others.

The word "Reiki “comes from the Japanese words "rei" (universal) and "ki" (life energy). Reiki is a form of energy healing, which targets the energy fields around the body.  Stagnant energy can reside in the body where there has been physical pain and emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness, pain, fatigue, and irritation.  

Learn to release the stored energy and emotions within the body through Reiki.  Quiet the mind to soften the body and remember what it feels like to be at peace and ease.  

First Degree Reiki

Here is what you can expect in a first-degree traditional Usui Reiki class; learn treatment hand placements on self as well as others, work with others on the table, understanding of the energy body and how it shows up in the physical body, deeper connection to self and universal energy, history of Reiki and a to explore the four aspects of Reiki within your own life.  During the first degree, you will receive four attunements to Universal Energy which is your initiation to Reiki.

After the first degree, you can treat yourself and others, as you continue to live with a deep connection to your truth.


Second Degree Reiki 

Reiki second degree gives you the power to create new realities with Reiki symbols, learning to place them into this realm for clearing and healing, as well as learning to send distant healing.


First degree opens up a new world for many people in deep healing, Second degree you go beyond time and space as you learn to work with the symbols of universal energy opening all to the universal life force.

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