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Reiki is love; love is wholeness,

wholeness is balanced, balance is well-being,

well-being is freedom from dis-ease.

Reiki allows us to work on the body through universal energy, opening ourselves to tune into the higher frequencies of life and move through what is no longer serving us while reconnecting with our truth.  This beautiful offering is with clothing on the body, while my hands are gently placed on your body to ease any dis-ease the physical, mental, and emotional body may be carrying. 

As the conduit between you and universal energy, I guide you to soften the physical and mind-body and balance your emotional and energetic body.  As the energy moves, you open to a deep connection to peace which is our true nature.

Reiki is our connection to pure awareness of the life force. This reminds us of the importance of consciously choosing how we want to experience life - from fear or love, anger or acceptance, grief or peace, and our humanness or our soul-fullness.

Surrender to this ancient Japanese healing art to live from your radiant love.

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