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I am with grace and gratitude that you find me here; this space is to discover how to live and die consciously and to know they are not separate from each other.  

We are here to experience life in the fullness of being alive.  Life is beautiful, and death can be beautiful when we learn to open our hearts and mind to all these experiences.  

Through my formal studies and personal experiences, I feel blessed to offer wisdom, guidance and support in each season of your life. 

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I worked with Renee through the death of my wife.  She was able to offer gentle care, my boys ​and I ​couldn't.  Renee would show up with a smile, small thoughtful gifts and so much love for us ​at a time our​ ​home felt empty.   Renee would just know what we all needed and she would go about caring for us all without us having to ask.  

My wife was grateful to have a woman's touch in her care, together they created little ​keepsakes for our boys and they created a beautiful space for my wife to die in comfort, ease​,​ and beauty.

Renee is a gift in this world.


- John M

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